Best 6 in 1 Electric Sterilizer For Baby Bottles India 2021

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  • Multifunctional Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer
  • Keep Warm and Night Feeding Helper
  • Sterilization and Double Warming Bottle
  • More Accurate and Intimate
  • Instant Warming 30ml Water




Best 6 in 1 Electric Sterilizer For Baby Bottles India 2021

Topic: Best 6 in 1 Electric Sterilizer For Baby Bottles India 2021

electric sterilizer for baby bottles

Best 6 in 1 Electric Sterilizer For Baby Bottles India 2021 is a safer and more convenient and sterilization bottle and anti-dry burning automatic power off disinfect baby food utensils such as bottle and spoons.

Baybee is very easy to use. The bottle can be sterilized, warmed, food warmer milk warmer all in one. Which is very good. the capacity is great. the build & quality is also good. There is a transparent lid so you can see the process also. It is very useful, bottles get germ-free with sterilization. Baybee is a good brand and reasonable as well. if you want a beer product for your baby just go for it. Time-saving product.

The best product I have purchased for my baby. It is so easy and convenient to use. Plus if u want to travel u can carry this easily anywhere. Warms up milk very quickly and super easy and is time-saving. I would recommend it to everyone.

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  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL BOTTLE WARMER: Instant defrosting, Food Heating, Baby Bottle Sterilizer, Constant Defrosting, Automatic Keeping Warming, Fast Warming. The ideal Electric Bottle Warmer for every family.
  • KEEP WARM & NIGHT FEEDING HELPER: Put milk or baby food into the bottle warmer before the start of a busy day, set the target temperature, and keep the temperature for 24 hours. Feed your hungry and crying babies in time, The fluorescent screen makes night operation more comfortable and safer.
  • STERILIZATION AND DOUBLE WARMING BOTTLES: The sunroof and large-caliber design can accommodate various sizes of baby bottles. Sterilize baby bottles, pacifiers, baby forks, and spoons. The disinfection time can be set up to 30 minutes, which is more hygienic and safe
  • MORE ACCURATE AND INTIMATE: Made of Food-grade PP safety material. Built-in temperature sensing, external temperature sensing probe. The target temperature can be accurately controlled, Equipped with the anti-scalding basket is safer to use
  • INSTANT WARMING: 30ml water makes enough steam to heat the milk well between 3-7 minutes. A 240ml milk bottle only takes 3 minutes to reach 40 ° C from 4 ° C


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