Best Virus Attenuation Device For Covid-19

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  • Shycocan Corporation sells the product directly and does not have any authorized sellers.
  • Disables viruses by 99.9%,
  • Protects 1000 sq feet, Multiple devices can be used for larger spaces
  • 100% safe, No harmful side effects to humans, animals, or the environment
  • CE Class I Device. Plug and Play installation and no consumables

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Best Virus Attenuation Device For Covid-19

Topic: Best Virus Attenuation Device For Covid-19 | Learn More

In this article, we are talking about the Best Virus Attenuation Device For Covid-19. You know that Mumbai is struggling with its worst Kovid-19 boom ever. Out-of-town companies have been at the forefront of taking measures to protect their workforce from coronavirus infection, and many of them are now turning to cutting-edge technology solutions to keep the epidemic out. This machine has been really helpful and a must purchase for your home and your offices, shops.

Similarly, Shyokan Corporation has installed around 30 virus attenuation devices in three separate offices of Finacus Solutions based in Mumbai. And Finacus Solutions Device is a certified organization that provides banking solutions and payment system partners to over 100 financial institutions, one of the many organizations that are trying to provide seamless services to their customers and Has worked tirelessly through this epidemic and is constantly searching for future technological solutions. And we are talking about it today.

Shycocan Corporation sells the product directly and does not have an authorized vendor. Please be aware while shopping. Current epidemic viruses have a positively charged shell while the human cell membrane is negatively charged. Due to the opposite charge, the virus is able to infect human cells and cause infection. Chikocaine disrupts this mechanism by inactivating the positive charge and disabling the virus’s ability to attach itself to a host cell.

Chaikokan produces high-intensity photons that emit striking aerosols, suspended particles, virus particles, and electrons on other solid surfaces such as tables, chairs, walls, in an enclosed space. Electrons are attached to the positive shell of the virus. This process is called “virus attenuation”. This virus attenuation is effective for both superficial and airborne viruses. One device has an effective coverage area of ​​up to 1000 square feet and many devices can be used over a large area.

The chaikokan has a long lifespan, requires minimal servicing and has no consumables, and consumes power equivalent to a 40W light bulb. Shyokan is here to bring your business and life back to normalcy. This will protect you from future epidemics and viral attacks of similar nature.

virus attenuation device

virus attenuation device

Additional information

Product Dimensions

25 x 26 x 25 cm; 7.68 Kilograms

Item Weight

7 kg 680 g

Included Components

Power Cord, Wall Mount Stand, Mounting Screws, User Guide


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