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How To Remove China Apps From Mobile Google Play Store

How To Remove China Apps From Mobile Google Play Store

Topic: How To Remove China Apps From Mobile Google Play Store | Available On: Amazon

The ongoing border disagreement in India and China has further increased the anti-China sentiment in India. Benefiting from this, a new app called ‘Remove China Apps’ has racked up more than 1 million downloads within two weeks of its launch. The Remove China Apps app available for free on the Google Play store claims to scan and list all the China-origin apps installed on your phone. Developed by OneTouch AppLabs, the app has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 and has more than 96,000 reviews, suggesting that there is important organic momentum in its favor. The app doesn’t require any permissions each, so you don’t have to worry about it getting access to your personal information. It can be downloaded for free and when we tested it.

Why is Remove Chinese Apps right now?

The current Remove China Apps In India was driven due to COVID-19. According to a review by the Takshashila Institution, 67% of Indians hold China responsible for the spread of the pandemic. This sentiment has been more increased by the ongoing border tensions between India and China.

Should you Remove it from your smartphone?

Given that it is a highly individual matter, it is your call at the end of the day to keep or remove these apps. However, if there is an app that you’re using and find it to be honest and necessary, it might not make sense to uninstall it. In general, it is recommended that you only download and install apps that are reliable and honest and have good privacy policies.

How to remove apps from your phone

👉Download the ‘Remove Chinese Apps’ app from the Play Store.
👉Now, open the app and click on ‘Scan Now’.
👉The app will then scan your phone and look for Chinese apps on your device.
👉Once your device is scanned, the app will list all the Chinese apps on your device.
👉Click on the delete button next to the app’s name to remove it.

Note: There is a chance that some Chinese apps may not be recognized by the app.


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