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Best Hp Omen Laptop Accessories In India 2020 For Gaming Zone

Best Hp Omen Laptop Accessories In India 2020 For Gaming Zone

Topic: Best Hp Omen Laptop Accessories In India 2020 For Gaming Zone | Available On: Amazon

HP is exposing new Omen laptop accessories in India for gamers in self-isolation, which may stretch on long after the difficult events of the past week. Online games have been a help, first during the pandemic and now between social unrest.

HP told its own study has found that 64% of people who started playing video games during the pandemic feel more comfortable. Meanwhile, 80% of gamers in the U.S. agree that playing games provide an escape, and 73% cite relaxation as the reason they play.

Hp Omen Laptop Accessories
HP OMEN Reactor Gaming Mouse

HP OMEN Reactor Adjustable Palm Rest & Metal Cable

  • Be fast. Be accurate: Equipped with the foremost advanced, eSports-grade 16,000 DPI optical sensor for ultimate speed and precision.
  • 400 IPS / 50g speedup, 1000 Hz polling rate, Optical-mechanical mouse switches, 50 million click continuance.
  • Cutting-edge metal cable: Industry-first metal USB 6.5ft cable designs flat, reduces kinking and ensures long-lasting durability.
  • Show your real colors: Customize lighting and effects with up to 16.8 million color options from OMEN Command Center.
  • Play hard, with ease: Remain comfortable during long gameplay sessions with a right-handed ergonomic shape, thumb rest, and adjustable palm rest height.
  • Your mouse system you play with six customizable mouse buttons, including on-the-fly DPI control.
  • Powered by OMEN Command Center lead the thanks to victory from OMEN Command Center, which provides you full control over your OMEN list.
  • The HP omen reactor customizes lighting, performance, and button functionality the power is yours.

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Hp Omen Laptop Accessories
HP Omen Sequencer RGB Gaming Keyboard

HP Omen Sequencer RGB Gaming Keyboard Accessories In India

  • The speed you can feel optical-mechanical Blue switches with 50g actuation force enables a 0.2 ms response time-10 times faster than traditional mechanical switches.
  • Plus a 70 million click continuance.
  • Keep your perfect quality Personally key light buttons to offer up to 16.8 million RGB colors to choose from with different effects, all customizable from the Omen command center.
  • The keyboard customizable keys improve an edge by customizing 5 dedicated macro keys to your go-to moves, lightweight, feel the strength in the lightweight, anodized aluminum frame.
  • Control every element to keyboard take control of your media with dedicated keys for play, pause, skip and mute, as well as an oversized metal roller bar to adjust volume,
  • Efficiently control your cables and enjoy maximum satisfaction with a built-in USB port.
  • Keys you can rely on no matter how many keys are activated at once, every keypress is detected with true n-key rollover.
  • 100 percent anti-ghosting, 1000 Hz polling rate, 6.5ft braided cable.
  • Focus on the win gaming mode blocks interruptions from your system so you can focus on victory.

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Hp Omen Laptop Accessories
HP Omen Armored 24 Liter Gaming Backpack

HP Omen Armored 24 Liter Gaming Backpack

  • Ideal for 15-inch laptops. However, it can also fit laptops up to 17.3 inches diagonal.
  • Dedicated sections for your files, smartphone, power bank, cards, wallets, charging cables.
  • Three separate compartments for laptop, files, and accessories.
  • Airflow panel with adjustable construction strap.

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HP Omen 800 Headset

HP Omen 800 Headset Accessories In India Grate Listening

  • Synthetic leather-wrapped ear cups are comfortably designed to block out distracting background sound.
  • A fully retractable microphone helps ensure crystal clear conversation when critical moments and remains hidden when not in use
    Built-in sound and mute controls.
  • Hp Omen headphone is 3.5mm jack to single 4-pole adapter supports use with your laptop, desktop, mobile device, PS4, or Xbox One.
  • Forget cable control braided sheathing improves the USB cable’s strength and reduces kinking.
  • With a long diameter, the 53mm driver produces each and every footstep with amazing clarity.
  • Select the custom DTS HP Omen Headphone X profile built into most Omen PCs for a heightened surround sound experience.

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HP OMEN Mouse Pad with Qi Wireless Charging

HP OMEN Mouse Pad with Qi Wireless Charging Accessories In India

  • Qi wireless charging place the OMEN Photon and other Qi-compatible wireless devices, such as your smartphone.
  • the charging area to achieve a stable and easy charge, without the need for cables or ports. While plugged in.
  • this mousepad charges your devices with ease with a 5 W load power.
  • Hard and soft mat options choose between hard and soft anti-wear mat options and play at your maximum capacity.
  • The soft mat provides accurate control for players, while the hard mat allows flowing movements.
  • Choose the one that would allow you to be the best based on the game.
  • RGB LED lighting prepares your combat station with up to 16.8 million RGB LED color combinations, fully programmable through the OMEN Command Center.
  • It also has a USB port that will come in handy.
  • Ideal surface from side to side both mat options provide a uniform surface texture, which optimizes the performance of the mouse sensor in all areas of the mousepad.
  • Designed to withstand high temperatures and rapid movements.

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